Intellectual Capital and Benchmarking

Wydawca: Rys Studio, Poznań 2006
ISBN 83-60517-01-0.

Table of contents
Book Review (Polish)


„When Amir Fazlagic approached us with the idea to work on intellectual capital in 2002 we have been extremely curious to learn more about his motivation, objectives and approaches. Together we decided to apply for a Marie Curie Fellowship for him to finance his research stay in Vienna. Luckily, the evaluators of the European Commission shared our assessment about the quality of Amir’s proposal and he could commence his research. During his research stay in Austria the concept of benchmarking enlarged the scope of his study. This was affected by another European project in which we have been involved, the RECORD project, which dealt with the development of a benchmarking methodology for innovation oriented research organisations from the new member states of the European Union. After the end of his fellowship, we could continue our co-operation on basis of a subsidy provided under the bilateral S&T agreement between Austria and Poland. Now, the results of Amir’s research on benchmarking intellectual capital are codified in this book at hand. We hope that it kicks off further reasoning and debate on this topic and that it finds its users in knowledge based industries, services and public administration. The ZSI already gained a lot of profit from the work of Amir Fazlagic!”

Dr. Klaus Schuch
Executive Director
ZSI – Centre for Social Innovation

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